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eCampus Wellness Week Challenge

For this event, we're asking you to track all of your wellness activities by minutes. If you went to the gym or for a walk, or if you meditated or did some positive self reflection, tell us about it! Each minute counts, and every 15 minutes of activity will get you a ballot. At the end of Wellness Week, we'll draw from all the ballots for a $50 gift card to Sport Chek!

Just download and save the tracker below, follow the calendar and enter the minutes in the appropriate spot. The tracker will tally them for you and let you know how many ballots you will have entered into the draw. And remember - just because you didn't do it in a gym or as part of an organized class doesn't mean that it doesn't count! If you don't see your particular activity listed, that's fine too! Just add it in where you think it fits best.

Good luck everyone!

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